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Press Releases


"WE'LL WORK TOGETHER FOR A BETTER BURGESS HILL" say the Liberal Democrats and Green Party

The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party in Burgess Hill have agreed a ground-breaking partnership in Burgess Hill. They are pledging to work together for the benefit of the town and have agreed to back each other in the local elections on Thursday 2ndMay.

In a joint statement Joe Foster, local Lib Dem chair and Anne Eves for the Green Partysaid, "We want to show the town that it is possible for two political parties to work constructively together and fight for the improvements that the town deserves and is crying out for.

The Tories have run Burgess Hill Town Council and Mid Sussex District Councilas a closed shops for too many years even though they only get a minority of the votes. As a result open government has suffered and any criticism of their decision-making is treated with contempt. We want to change all of that for the good of the town.

You only have to look at some of the poor decision-making and lack of progress over the last 4 years to know that it is time for a change".

The Liberal Democrats and Green Party have agreed to work together in three key areas:

  • Environmental protection and development
  • Provide further support for the Green Circle Network and all our green spaces with a greater focus on bio-diversity and schemes to protect vulnerable animal and bird species;
  • Consult on low-carbon community transport schemes to better connect towns and villages and to reduce traffic congestion in town centres and on-street parking in residential roads;
  • Campaign for safe provision for cyclists especially on routes toschools, and measures to slow traffic on certain residential roads;
  • Push for sustainable design in any new housing,to include renewable energy generation, anti-flood measures and wildlife-friendly features;
  • Combat waste: explore extending recycling to food waste; support schemes to eliminate single-use plastic and set up a repair café in Burgess Hill;
  • Resist further housing development outside of the district plan area (e.g. south of Folders Lane).
  • Rebuilding communities and the local economy
  • Deliver a replacement for the Martlets Hall which the town's Tories gave away;
  • Consult on schemes to improve trading activity in Burgess Hill, for example by introducing a Town Discount Card or Town £;
  • Revive the Burgess Hill Town Centre Partnership which the Tories put on hold to deliver initiatives to attract trade and secure a better share of grants to support independent Burgess Hill businesses;
  • Hold the developers to account for the slow pace of change in Burgess Hill's town centre and pressurise them to deliver the project to an agreed timetable;
  • Provide disability toilet facilities in the town centre;
  • Get a greatershare of grant funding from Mid Sussex District Council by establishing an independent, not-for-profit Town Team and use these grants fairly across the town;
  • Provide additional support to the town's community groups across all age groups and abilities.
  • Open and transparent government
  • Make decision-making more transparent;
  • Involve residents in the policy-making process by consulting more regularly;
  • Extend the scope of the right of residents to ask questions at Burgess Hill Town Council meetings;
  • Restore trust in the planning process;
  • Treat all media outlets equally even if they are critical of council decisions.

Joe and Anne added, "Having a strong contingent of Liberal Democrats and Greens on Burgess Hill Town Council and Mid Sussex District Council will be a breath of fresh air providing

just the sort of 'grown-up politics' that Burgess Hill and Mid Sussex needs. We are not just a partnership between two parties but a partnership with the town's residents.


For more information contact:

Liberal Democrats

Robert Eggleston:

Email: ppc@midsussexlibdems.org.uk

Mob: 0794 779 2033

Green Party

Anne Eves:

Email: mileves@aol.com

Mob: 07720 892180


Mid Sussex Lib Dems Prepare to Fight 'BLUKIP' Entryists in May Local Elections

The defection of three Conservative MPs to The Independent Group has cast a light on an organised campaign to deselect Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames.

Mid Sussex Liberal Democrats have pledged to fight a wave of right-wing Conservative 'entryists' in this May's local elections. Anna Soubry, one of the MPs who left the Conservative Party on Wednesday 20 February, highlighted in her resignation speech that Mid Sussex is one of many local Conservative Associations being transformed by Brexit extremists. Alison Bennett - PPC for Arundel & South Downs

LEAVE.EU is running a campaign urging former UKIPPERS to join the Conservative Party with the aim of deselecting sitting MPs and turning the party into a hard-right organisation. Leave.EU claims on its website that 25,0002 people have joined the Conservative Party as a result of this campaign. If true, it would mean that 1 in 5 members3 of the Conservative Party are now what are being called 'BLUKIPPERS'.

Ms Soubry named Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames as one of their potential targets. She said: "Overwhelmingly the majority of associations are being infiltrated by nationally orchestrated entryism, blatantly designed to remove rebel MPs who they label traitors. Conservatives with the stature, the service and loyalty of Sir Nicholas Soames.

Robert Eggleston, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Sussex said, "I am alarmed at what is happening to the Conservative Party. It is no longer a party of moderate 'small c' conservatives, but a party of zealots. With local elections to Mid Sussex District Council two months away, the Lib Dems are urging voters to look very carefully at the biographies of the Conservative candidates standing for election. This is especially true where sitting councillors are standing down and new candidates are seeking to be elected for the first time."
Nicholas Soames, Sir Oliver Letwin, the former party chairman Dame Caroline Spelman, are being hounded and they are being pilloried."1

Alison Bennett, the Arundel and South Downs Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Lib Dems added, "In the same way that we have seen Momentum take over the Labour Party, this 'Purple Momentum' is just as dangerous. The Liberal Democrats welcome the decision of moderate Labour and Conservative MPs who this week have said 'enough', and left their parties to sit as MPs in 'The Independent Group'. It is a brave decision, and we wish them well."




Alison Bennett, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Arundel and South Downs
Mobile - 07740 648956, Email - AlisonBennettLD@gmail.com


  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/02/20/tory-grassroots-deny-blukip-infiltration-mp-defectors-accuse/
  2. https://leave.eu/deselect-these-shameful-tory-mps/
  3. The Conservative Party does not release its membership statistics. However, it was reported to be 124,000 people in April 2018. https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN05125
    25,000/124,000 = 1 in 5


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